Thursday, January 28, 2016

New Beehive Updates

Hey Beehive users!

We’ve been making a lot of behind the scenes changes to the Beehive.  You may have noticed a more robust and reliable network environment and an improvement in search and load speeds.  We’d like to highlight just a few of the new features we’ve made available to you.

New Project Status
One notable change is the addition of a fourth project status: Fatal Error.  In the event that we receive assets that are guaranteed to fail or be rejected down the road, they will flagged immediately with the Fatal Error status and the project status will be changed to stalled.  We will require replacement assets in order to continue.

In order to improve load times, we have limited the number of projects that display in the Beehive to 50 projects per page.  To navigate to another page, simply scroll to the bottom and use the numeric page controls to browse from page to page.

Dynamic Reporting
Perhaps the most important improvement to the Beehive is the new Dynamic Reporting feature.  This feature allows you to create robust reports on all of your project data from any time period.  You can create reports on stalled projects, completed projects, projects that included closed captioning, projects that were aborted, rush projects, HD projects, projects of a certain duration – the possibilities are quite endless.  

You will notice that your account has two default reports already included under the Reports tab.  These are generic reports that allow you to see the statuses for video projects.  The names are self-explanatory, and we encourage you to try them out.  Simply click the “Run Report” button to the right of the report you’d like to view, enter a date range and run the report.  The Beehive generates an Excel spreadsheet which you can open and edit or sort as you wish.

You can also customize, edit and clone reports.  Detailed instructions for creating and editing reports will be available shortly.

In the coming months, we will rollout features that give you more flexibility, such as asset management, online ordering options and an improved look and feel.


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